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Dry Bulk Tanker

Built either in Steel or in Aluminium depending on your specific needs. Products such as Flour, Lime, Cement, pretty much any dry product that is out there. Also referred to as a Pneumatic Tanker or Pneumatic Bulker.

  • Removable Plendum
  • Internal discharge pipework
  • Higher ground clearance
  • WABCO EBS brake system
  • Top Manholes for easy access
  • Easy Access Back Ladder, Top Laddder, Walkway and Safety Rail
  • Front or Rear Blower / Motor
  • Any SABS Colour to choose from
  • Accessories such as a Toolbox and Fire Extinguisher
  • Highly visible markers in accordance with the SABS standard
Steel & Aluminium Dry Bulk Tanker


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