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Duncanmec is a manufacturing company specializing in Refuse Handling Equipment. These products include Skip Loaders and Bins, Rolon Units, Containers, as well as Front and Rear End Loading Compactors.

Our products are extremely durable and hard wearing in any weather condition. Made from Heavy duty steel and continuous welded seam for durability. Our high volume bins and containers are safe and rugged.
All our compactors and loaders are all specially designed to go with all our containers and bins so you get a quality product from start to finish.

Boasting over 20 years experience in the waste equipment industry, our products stand out above the rest.


Waste Handling Equipment & Containers:

Cornel Dunn
   082 494 3548

Dry Bulk Tankers & Walking Floors:

Francois Steyn
   082 463 6528

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