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Rentco Trailers

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A bit about Rentco Trailers


Rentco Trailers

Rentco Trailer Rentals is a division of SA Truck Bodies and Henred Fruehauf Group and was established in 2005, after realising that there is a need for trailer rentals in the market.
Currently the Rentco fleet consists of 140 trailers. Our fleet consists over a variety of specifications that will satisfy all the needs of our clients. Customers have a wide choice of trailers from our fleet. With competitive short- and long-term rental rates and a variety of products, Rentco is definitely the number one choice rental company in South Africa.

We have a 24/7 supporting infrastructure across South Africa


  • Off-Balance Sheet
  • The lessor provides the infrastructure and focus on necessary services, maintenance and repairs on trailers, while the lessee can focus on his/her own business.
  • Better budgeting for the lessee.
  • Fixed Rental rate
  • No hidden costs and surprise invoices
  • Lessor can quote better to his clients
  • A replacement Rentco trailer will be provided during maintenance to minimize the standing time of the lessor.